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Yay! Trebelations Logo Coming Soon!

A friend of mine said she would take a photo of mine and make a logo out of it.  FINALLY!  I have  been trying to do this for about 3 years unsuccessfully!  I took the photo  a while ago to use on a NW GA crochet guild’s webpage.  I was going to have someone make the picture into a cartoonish logo, and let the guild use it as their logo FOR FREE.  The idea was to put it on tee’s, bags, etc., but I could never find anyone willing or reliable enough to create the logo for me.  Thus, it never happened!   Now that the guild drama is not a part of my life *poof* I have THREE people willing to do this for me for FREE!!!!  I’m choosing the one I am the friendliest with.

I think this logo was meant to be mine!  That is why it never worked out before.

Maybe one day soon this will actually become a real crochet blog….  of course that means I need time to crochet!  😉


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