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Hyperfocusing on Healthy!

(Originally posted on Facebook on August 8th)

I have been having fun avoiding everything that I need to do for searching the internet for great healthy recipes. I love to cook, and when my hubby and I cook at home we tend to cook healthy. So, I have three recipes (below) that I have made recently that were awesome, and I wanted to share:

Could not be any nore simple – blend together the spices, rub on chicken, grill (or cook in oven or frying pan) the chicken right away. Finish with Lime, butter, and olive oil. Done! No waiting for marinade to soak in.

This was AWESOME!!! The recipe has you start from dried lentils, which is just fine…. however it will take longer than 1 hour to cook. I think I will put it in the crock pot the next time I make it. I swear my father would eat this, but my mom will not try to find out.

This was a big hit last night with our visitors from Spain. They liked it so much that they are hoping they can find sweet potatoes when they get back to Barcelona!!! Do not leave out the brown sugar! It blends so well with the spices! You use very little of it also. If you really need to, then cut it in half I guess, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


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