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What to do….

So I keep forgetting that I have this blog.  I am crocheting again, but I also have lots of other stuff going on.  For one thing I was diagnosed with Diabetes on July 18.  It was not a surprise… but it was a surprise how quickly it happened.  My blood work from October was fine…  my A1c was 6.5 again, same as the past 5+ years.  But this July my A1c was 8.7 – diabetic.  Seems that the odd hours I was working (overnight) contributed to the change, because I was eating like crap and not getting enough sleep.  So, I am treating the diagnosis as the swift kick in the ass that I needed, and I have taken on a healthy way of eating since July 19.  Since then, my blood glucose went from being in the 300’s to consistently being under 200, and then under 150.  I did suffer from sugar withdraw – July 20-21st was rough.  I felt really weird – sorta zoned out and a general not feeling well.  Then I woke up on the 22nd feeling really great.  So far so good!

So, I decided to share on here some of the recipes I have been making here and there.  Being dedicated to eating healthy can become routine and bland, so I am making an effort to add variety and keep trying new things.  So I am about to report a couple of facebook posts here about recipes I have tried.  


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