Foodie me – making things homemade

I spend entirely too much time on Pinterest.  Yes, I do…  BUT I feel I learn so much when I do!  Take cooking for example.  I have always loved to cook, and I’m pretty good at it.  Plus, I grew up around my right-off-the-boat Italian grandfather, so Italian food is what I am the most comfortable with.  Lately I have become interested in ways to make various spice and dressing mixes from scratch.  Today it is a ranch dressing dry mix from Gimme Some Oven blog.  I have read and reviewed several recipes,  but none said to add the dried buttermilk.  I have dried buttermilk.  Buttermilk is what makes Ranch dressing Ranch dressing!!!  So, I am looking forward to making this dried mix.  Plus, I plan to mix it with Greek or plain yogurt to lower calories.  I love it when a plan – or recipe – comes together!!!



I’m feeling really bummed about the death of Joan Rivers. I LOVE Fashion Police, and I started watching it from day one, when it was only a half-hour show. She said the things you were thinking but afraid to say, kinda like what I do. What many people did not know, though, was what a wonderful kind person she was. Hershel Walker tells TMZ a great story about Joan’s kindness that shows what kind of person she really was: (from TMZ Sports, link below)

“After ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ she (Joan) asked for my mom’s address. Then, she sent my mom a letter saying how I was such a nice man and sent her a charm necklace by the Joan Rivers collection. So, unexpected and kind of her.”

Pretty Friggin’ awesome!!! As they say, when it is your time it is your time, but I can’t help but feel a little ripped off right now. Joan Rivers wasn’t anywhere close to done.

Read the story here:

More Recipes: Grilled Peanut Chicken and Blueberry Banana Baked Oatmeal.

(Originally posted on Facebook on August 12th – today)

I stumbled on the Grilled Peanut Chicken on day when looking at recipes, and I had to try it because my hubby LOVES peanut sauce.  So first of all, it needs to be grilled.  I cooked this in a frying pan on the stove, and the coating stuck to the pan.  I omitted the cayenne pepper because I’m not a spicy girl, however the sauce is a little bland without it.  Even my curry powder is mild.  It probably needed just a little touch of it after all.  Seemed like it needed something else also, but it was still pretty yummy!

I have had baked oatmeal at my parent’s house.  It is one of the many things they will buy on their trips to Lancaster, PA.  My mom will slice it and put it in the freezer.  It is great for a fast healthy breakfast – just pull it out, put it in the microwave, then eat it.  So when I found the Blueberry Banana Baked Oatmeal recipe, I had to try it.  Problem was that I had lots of steel-cut oats but no old fashion oats.  Thanks to the wonders of math and ratios, I figured out that I needed 1 2/3 C of steel cut oats for the recipe.  It came out perfect!!!  Next I will try the Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal.

Hyperfocusing on Healthy!

(Originally posted on Facebook on August 8th)

I have been having fun avoiding everything that I need to do for searching the internet for great healthy recipes. I love to cook, and when my hubby and I cook at home we tend to cook healthy. So, I have three recipes (below) that I have made recently that were awesome, and I wanted to share:
Could not be any nore simple – blend together the spices, rub on chicken, grill (or cook in oven or frying pan) the chicken right away. Finish with Lime, butter, and olive oil. Done! No waiting for marinade to soak in.
This was AWESOME!!! The recipe has you start from dried lentils, which is just fine…. however it will take longer than 1 hour to cook. I think I will put it in the crock pot the next time I make it. I swear my father would eat this, but my mom will not try to find out.
This was a big hit last night with our visitors from Spain. They liked it so much that they are hoping they can find sweet potatoes when they get back to Barcelona!!! Do not leave out the brown sugar! It blends so well with the spices! You use very little of it also. If you really need to, then cut it in half I guess, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

What to do….

So I keep forgetting that I have this blog.  I am crocheting again, but I also have lots of other stuff going on.  For one thing I was diagnosed with Diabetes on July 18.  It was not a surprise… but it was a surprise how quickly it happened.  My blood work from October was fine…  my A1c was 6.5 again, same as the past 5+ years.  But this July my A1c was 8.7 – diabetic.  Seems that the odd hours I was working (overnight) contributed to the change, because I was eating like crap and not getting enough sleep.  So, I am treating the diagnosis as the swift kick in the ass that I needed, and I have taken on a healthy way of eating since July 19.  Since then, my blood glucose went from being in the 300’s to consistently being under 200, and then under 150.  I did suffer from sugar withdraw – July 20-21st was rough.  I felt really weird – sorta zoned out and a general not feeling well.  Then I woke up on the 22nd feeling really great.  So far so good!

So, I decided to share on here some of the recipes I have been making here and there.  Being dedicated to eating healthy can become routine and bland, so I am making an effort to add variety and keep trying new things.  So I am about to report a couple of facebook posts here about recipes I have tried.  

Yay! Trebelations Logo Coming Soon!

A friend of mine said she would take a photo of mine and make a logo out of it.  FINALLY!  I have  been trying to do this for about 3 years unsuccessfully!  I took the photo  a while ago to use on a NW GA crochet guild’s webpage.  I was going to have someone make the picture into a cartoonish logo, and let the guild use it as their logo FOR FREE.  The idea was to put it on tee’s, bags, etc., but I could never find anyone willing or reliable enough to create the logo for me.  Thus, it never happened!   Now that the guild drama is not a part of my life *poof* I have THREE people willing to do this for me for FREE!!!!  I’m choosing the one I am the friendliest with.

I think this logo was meant to be mine!  That is why it never worked out before.

Maybe one day soon this will actually become a real crochet blog….  of course that means I need time to crochet!  😉