Crocheting??? Cool!

I actually finally started a project!  Of course I really should finish the tunic I started 3 years ago for myself, but why do that when I can crochet for others.  So I am making the Yes Yes Shawl, aka the Summer Morning Shawl on AllFreeCrochet.  I have finished 7 rows, and only had to frog slightly once.  I’m sure that trend will not continue!  Of course I am suppose to be studying for my conference in June….  *sigh*  I am the master of distractions!

Started the shawl

Started the shawl


Paperwork… and everything else BUT crochet!

Today is a catch-up day on the computer…  catch up on the DAV Facebook page, catch up on emails, catch up on paperwork, catch up on job responsibilities…  but what I really want to do is crochet!  I have been looking at cardigans to crochet as a birthday and Mother’s day gift for my Mother-in-law.  She appreciates the stuff I make for her.  I’d love to recline in the couch with a hot cup of tea (it is COLD today) and either look at my NEW book or start crocheting that cardigan.  Unfortunately that pile on my desk isn’t going to grow legs and organize itself!

Fingers are itching….

I’ve started looking at patterns on Ravelry and elsewhere for something to crochet.  It only took me a couple of months to weave in the ends of the scarf I was making for a Christmas scarf exchange!  *chuckle*.  I’m thinking about making a cardigan for my Mother-in-law, but with my recent time lags it would never be done for Mother’s day.  🙂  I also need to make time to update this blog page.  It looks so bland!  Ugg!

Here are a few cardi’s I am thinking about making:  Buttercup Jacket, Veranda Cardi, Candida Cardigan, and Chambray Jacket. All links are to the pattern’s Ravelry page so others can easily add them to their lists.  If you are not using Ravelry then it is time you signed up!!!

I also stumbled on this beautiful shawlette pattern.  I admit – I am cheap!!!  Usually I can find a free version of a pattern that is very similar to a paid pattern with a few adjustments.  However, there are just some patterns that you look and and think, “Yes please take my money for your beautiful work!”


A Fresh Start….

I could not remember my password for this blog for the life of me since about July 2012.  Then I could not get into my special email for this account.  I knew I kept paperwork about the email address, but I kept forgetting to pull it out and get access to both the email then the blog,,,

It only took me a year and a half, but here I am!

Soon, this is going to be full of funny Lyft stories, my latest crochet projects, funny things my cats Sophie and Sunshine do, and other sarcastic comments about everyday life.

Please join in on the ride!